The Youth Counselling Project

It is a sad reflection on our modern-day society that a large number of children aged 5 to 16 have a clinically significant mental health problem. There is a large amount of depression and anxiety among children and teenagers, and many are self-harming or have an eating disorder.
The Youth Counselling Project provides school-based counselling by specialist counsellors trained to work with young people and their particular needs and works closely with parents and schools to ensure that each student receives appropriate support tailored to their needs. We believe that this organisation does an excellent job in alleviating some of these problems and we decided to support them.
On Wednesday 1st May President Steven Willox, accompanied by Youth Services Chair Paul Vaesen, went to Seaford Head School to present a cheque to Clive Lacey of the Youth Counselling Project to pay for one student from the School to take part in a counselling programme of ten sessions. Thanking the Rotary Club, Headteacher Bob Ellis said the gift and the support of the Club made a terrific difference, and Steven commented that it was sad that it should be necessary to have to make the donation to provide this much needed help.
More information about The Youth Counselling Project can be found on their website

posted: Wednesday, 1 May 2019

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