Caravan Cleaning for Children with Cancer

It was somebody’s very good idea to revive the service we gave to the Children with Cancer (CWC) charity in Polegate for whom we used to clean their caravan at Combe Haven Holiday Park at St Leonards, ready for summer visitors in the soon-to-start season.
So, Paul Vaesen, Frank Thompson, Mike Logan and I hit the road for Hastings on a cool April morning, armed with cloths, brushes, buckets and sponges and, quite honestly, we had a great day out!
My biggest fear was that the notorious A259 might make a clogged-up nightmare of the whole thing but in fact it behaved itself very well both ways and with the aid of a SatNav we were able to find the CWC’s ‘mobile home’ quite easily – despite 800-odd similar units on this massive site.
In fact, the CWC have two caravans there and if we could persuade maybe three or four other Rotarians to join us we could clean both of them next year. The point is, of course, that these holiday homes are used to give carers and their kids a much-needed break from must be very fraught lives.
Personally, imagining the then-empty site full to bursting in peak summer time, running and rattling with little ‘uns in the barn-sized restaurants and play areas, was almost enough to give me palpitations but what a smashing place it must be for the children and their parents.
It took us no more than a couple of hours to smarten up the six-berth caravan to which we were assigned. All we needed was running water and fairy liquid for our mops and cloths and we soon had it shining and bright, including the guttering on both sides of the roof although this, without a hosepipe or a sufficiently long ladder had to be accessed by the dubious means of balancing our two-runged steps on a picnic table and, one-at-a-time climbing up to scoop out the muck and branches into a bucket.
Luckily, Health and Safety were on a day- off and we made a fair old fist it, giving us a warm glow of satisfaction before we set off back home, pausing briefly for a delicious lunch at The Lamb near Hooe. This surely is what Rotary is all about. We enjoy doling out the money we make to help deserving causes, but it is nice to also put something physical into this particular one.

posted: Tuesday, 9 April 2019

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