Wheelchair buggy rain cover for disabled child

In late November we received a request from a friend of a young family in Seaford with a profoundly disabled 4-year-old son who had been supplied with a wheelchair buggy by paediatric services and who needed a specialised rain cover for a modular seating system and the canopy support to which it attaches.
The child’s needs are extremely complex, and daily life is very challenging. Care needs are 24/7, and she was seeking funding on behalf of the family, as they are unable to cope with fundraising at present. Their only alternative is a grant making organisation with an extremely lengthy and detailed application form that has a mandatory requirement for a photograph (the family is extremely sensitive to this due to facial abnormalities). She had met with the parents and found them completely overwhelmed by paperwork, unable, therefore, to complete this application.
The rain cover was needed desperately as the family who do not drive, take their son to a specialised nursery in Eastbourne. They travel by bus and have a lengthy walk to the nursery and were finding this very difficult in wet weather.
Given the urgent need for this rain cover, we fast tracked this through our approval system, and I was able to deliver a cheque to the family on 6th December. The rain cover was delivered and installed two weeks later.
The family are delighted and have passed on their sincere thanks to the Club on behalf of themselves and their little boy.

posted: Thursday, 20 December 2018

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