August Boot, Craft and Produce Fair

WHAT a difference a week can make!
On Sunday 29th July, the weather was wet (see above) but on Sunday 5th August there was clear cloudless sky for the August Boot, Craft and Produce Fair held on the Martello Fields, and the hot temperatures experienced in most days in July had returned.
There were 60 stallholders, and although this was the lowest number this year, there have only been 4 fairs out of the 35 Rotary fairs before this year at which there have been more than 60 stalls, but this year there have been four (April - 79, May - 84, June - 96 and July - 68).
May be the hot weather was a deterrent; there were definitely more parasols at this Boot fair than others this year, but none were for sale; all were protecting the stall holders from the strong sunlight.
As usual there are a selection of large or quirky and unusual items for sale. These included:
• A double matrimonial hammock
• Bicycles
• Moses baskets with stands and a child’s high chair
• Furniture including a dressing table with stool and a wicker chair and garden chairs
• A rotary drier complete with stake
• Dolls houses
The Rotary stall replenished with donated good quality items had a record morning taking a massive £276 which exceeded the previous record of £216 in August last year.
Additionally, Rotarian Ann Reed and her husband Rodney from Seaford Martello Rotary Club on their own stall took in £265 which will be split equally between the two Rotary Clubs.
As a result, the income from this fair exceeded £1,000, and has made this calendar year the best for gross takings and profit even though there are two more Boot, Craft and Produce Fairs on 2nd September and 7th October.
All the money raised by Seaford Rotary will be put to good use for charitable causes.
Our immense gratitude goes to all those who attended, whether stall holders or members of the public, you all helped to make this fair such a magnificent success.

posted: Sunday, 5 August 2018

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