Record Rotary Boot, Craft and Produce Fair

The Rotary Boot, Craft and Produce Fair held on Sunday 3rd June was the most successful Seaford Rotary Club Boot Fair with the largest number of stalls and greatest income from a single fair.
The April Fair was a record April Boot Fair with 79 stalls which exceeded the greatest number of 61 in 2017. At the May fair there were 84 stalls, believed then to be the highest number at a Rotary Boot Fair, and which resulted in our 2nd highest ever income - surpassed then only by that from the August 2015 fair.
But the June fair has made it a hat trick of record breaking fairs in 2018 with 96 stalls which was confirmed as the highest since Rotary started doing Boot Fairs, and our greatest income (including vendor donations, collection buckets and Rotary stall) of over £1100 from one of our Boot, Craft and Produce Fairs.
All the money raised will be put to good use for charitable causes.
An immense gratitude goes to all those who attended, whether stall holders or members of the public, you all helped to make this fair such a magnificent success.
No doubt the forecast of a dry warm sunny day confirmed by bright sun in the early continuous azure morning sky was critical in seducing the large number of stalls holders and tempting Seafordians to explore the third Rotary Boot, Craft and Produce Fair of 2018.
Maybe that it was the last day of the school half term was a factor. Maybe it is the size of the pitches or that the Rotary boot fair is less expensive than neighbouring fairs.
Comments from stallholders indicate that they appreciate the good organisation and the well-defined generous pitches that are marked out each Saturday by a group of Rotarians. Nevertheless, on Sunday there were insufficient pitches marked out and we had to improvise to get all late comers positioned by using unmarked spaces at the town end of the Martello Field and expanding the two lanes of stalls into 3 lanes. We were glad to hear that some would come to us in future rather than neighbouring fairs.
Amongst the goods on display that are often found at Boot, Craft and Produce Fairs, such as plants, jigsaws, DVDs and CDs, toys, clothes, books, kitchen utensils, fishing rods and potential antiques, there were some large or more unusual objects.
These included an inflatable flamingo, a musical instrument with one string from Madagascar, copies of Newspapers and magazines from the 1930’s including one dated three days before the start of World War II and another dated February 1936 when King Edward VIII had just ascended to the throne (the stall holder advised that these were not facsimiles of the original publications), a snare drum with stand, some large mirrors, garden furniture and a full size stuffed toy tiger.
There were also fresh eggs and strawberries (Wimbledon is next month!) available, as well as homemade jams and cards.
Seaford Rotary Club hopes to see you all again at the next Boot, Craft and Produce Fair to be held at Martello Field West on 1st July and the other fairs in the year.

posted: Sunday, 3 June 2018

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