Arlington Bluebell Walk and Farm Trail 2018

What a couple of busy days we had at the Arlington Bluebell Walk on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th May! The weather was glorious resulting in 1326 visitors through the gate, our best ever. Many thanks to everybody’s tremendous efforts that helped us to raise the amazing sum of £3,646 for Rotary Charities.
None of this would have been achievable without the tremendous team work of the people that came along and helped. There were 64 duty slots to fill over the two days of which 40 were filled by 22 Rotarians and the remaining 20 slots by 11 non-Rotarians. We were lucky also to have some additional help over the peak time.
Both days started full on from 10am and continued right through until 5pm. It was non-stop throughout with the peak between 12 - 2-30pm. We were just recovering from the lunch time rush when the afternoon tea rush started. The kitchen teams worked tirelessly to keep up to date with the orders, the prepared food was delicious, and several visitors complimented us on the standard and the presentation of the food. Well done to them.
It is not easy planning and catering for such large numbers, but we were able to meet all the orders requested with just a little bit of tweaking towards the end. My thanks also to a good friend of Pippa Logan for her usual big pot of roasted red pepper and lentil soup.
Huge thanks go to the Rotary Wives who made such fantastic cakes which were very much enjoyed by our visitors. Nevertheless, an extra thank you goes to those ladies and Bert for stumping up cakes on Thursday evening, calling at my door at 10 pm and 7.30 am with tray bakes etc. It was great to have such a variety to offer our visitors and all so professionally made.
The bluebells were stunning, a real tribute to the farmer and his team of hard workers, a glorious picture of nature.
One can always learn from the experience; perhaps what one could do better to make it easier. One thing for next year is that there will be a clearing up team to mop the floors, clean the loos, empty all the bins etc. After a long day these additional tasks are tiring. I am pleased to say that the farmer complimented us on how clean we left everywhere except for the disabled loo which we forgot!
This year we had additional health and safety rules with which to comply, and the required paperwork has now been sent to the farmer for the environmental health officer. Thank you all for co-operating.
We now wait till next year; who knows what 2019 will bring? This year much of our success was due to late appearance of the bluebells which meant they were at their peak for our slot, the glorious weather and the dedicated hard work everybody.

posted: Friday, 4 May 2018

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