Christmas collections 2017

SEAFORD Rotary Club wish to thank the people of Seaford for the successful Rotary Christmas collections around the streets of Seaford with Father Christmas in his Sleigh of Goodwill during seventeen December evenings, and the static collections in Broad Street on four Saturday mornings. The weather was relatively kind this year in that it was generally dry during the collections albeit very cold on some evenings.
There were 52 participants who undertook the roles of Father Christmas, Contact Man (leader on the night), plus drivers of the sleigh and support drivers, as well as 140 collectors. Many of these did several nights and some Saturdays.
There were three new sleigh drivers this year, and generally these new recruits coped well with the sleigh although there were occasions when things did not go quite to plan, such as on one evening when the sleigh arrived at the start of the collection without Father Christmas. This omission was however quickly recovered by one of the Rotarian collectors giving Santa a lift to the start of the collection.
On another occasion, the trainee driver did not connect the recharging cable correctly in the garage and thus the batteries were not recharged overnight for the next evening collection. Nevertheless, the vehicle was able to be used the following evening and the route was completed without the complete loss of battery power. We now know that the batteries can last two collection routes without charge.
The real stars of these collections, as always, were the people of Seaford and their children who came out to see Father Christmas and flocked around the sleigh. The kindness of folks was outstanding and enabled us to achieve to collect more than £10,000 during December for the third consecutive year. The total sum raised this year was again another record exceeding last year’s total by 0.6%. In all, we collected 421 bank notes and 29,575 coins.
All the monies collected, after the deduction of expenses, have been put into our Charitable Trust for spending on good causes in the Seahaven area.
As last year we received many very favourable comments about our “green” vehicle which interestingly is slower on the road with a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour, but was faster overall on each of the collections than the previous car towing the trailer carrying the sleigh and which was also able to access many of the cul-de-sacs throughout Seaford previously not accessible for the car and trailer.
Once again in 2017 our sleigh of goodwill collections were joyous occasions and our grateful thanks go to:
• Crosbies for the use of their changing facilities in Broad Street
• Monolith UK, the suppliers of our sweets, for their kind donation
• the people of Seaford for their generosity and kind words of encouragement.
When we explained to Monolith UK, our supplier of the sweets that they were to be used for Father Christmas to give to children, they kindly donated the required 40 Kg of sweets free of charge. Their comment when making this gift was quote “we really like what you are doing. You bring a piece of good and happiness. We are happy to help you”. They have since volunteered to make the same donation same next year.
This donation means that our expenses are less and thus more monies will be available for good causes.
ON the morning of Saturday 2nd December, Seaford Rotary’s Sleigh of Goodwill was in Broad Street as part of the Seaford Magic celebrations in order that the children of Seaford could let Father Christmas know what they would him to bring to them on Christmas morning. The sleigh played carols and other seasonal music.
Seaford Rotary Club would like to thank the people of Seaford for their donations on the morning as there were many other collections and stalls to which they could take their contributions.
In the late afternoon, Father Christmas on the Rotary Sleigh of Goodwill joined the grand procession to the stage in Broad Street, and after Seaford Mayor Linda Wallraven had spoken to the huge crowd of people present, Father Christmas turned on the Seaford Christmas Lights to great applause.

posted: Saturday, 23 December 2017

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