Senior Citizens' Christmas Party

Forty-six senior citizens had accepted our invitation to the Christmas Party at St James Trust on 24th November, but this was reduced to 43 on the morning due to double booking and ill health.
This large number caused quite a lot of table juggling to set up the room. As with all things Rotary, there was no shortage of managers deciding how the tables and chairs should be positioned. It was with some relief that we eventually managed to set places for 44 including allowing room for the entertainers.
As the guests arrived, we Graham Phillips reported that a further two would not be attending due to ill health. He was helping the CTLA transport guest from three care homes in the town. Tony Henley made sure that everyone would get back the coat they came with as he managed the cloak system. All were served a welcoming glass of sherry or orange juice.
When the final group of guests was seated, Past President Peter Fenwick dressed in full tails acted as master of ceremonies for the afternoon and gave a rendition of ‘Willkommen’ from Caberet before handing over to President Mike Roper and The Mayor of Seaford, Linda Wallraven, to welcome all the guests
Margot Miller, Graham Tubb and Rosemary Kemp entertained everyone while the team of Ann Reed, Daphne Vaesen, Rosemary Carlisle and Janis Livingstone beavered away in the kitchen preparing the food. Our thanks go to Annie Wells, Ruth Willox and Ann Hemmings, Ann Reed, Rosemary Carlisle and Janis Livingstone for preparing sandwiches cakes and scones for the afternoon.
As the food was being served, tea was prepared by Rotarians. Following tea, the President and Mayor drew the eleven raffle prizes numbered in random order. Prizes ranged from tins of sweets and biscuits to Christmas puddings and festive candles.
The afternoon festivities continued with a second set from the entertainers. Graham Tubb caused much mirth with his tap dancing dressed as a vicar. It will be great to welcome them to our Christmas lunch where we might ask Graham to reprise his tap dancing!
At the end of the afternoon we gave out the table decorations to anyone on their table who had a recent birthday or anniversary. We discovered that Joan Middleton from Mitchell House had recently received her 100th birthday telegram from the Queen. President Mike duly presented her with a bottle of sherry to mark such a memorable milestone.
A big thank you for all the help from Rotarians. Graham Phillips, Paul Vaesen, Jim Anderson, Bert Cutts and the double act of Isla Sitwell and Dave Argent provided help with the transport. President Mike Roper, Keith Ross, Keith Carlisle, Peter Fenwick and Tony Henley all made sure the event ran smoothly in the hall. I must also thank Ruth Willox for the lovely table decorations.

posted: Friday, 24 November 2017

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