Last 2017 Boot, Craft and Produce Fair

The last Boot, Craft and Produce Fair of 2017 took place on 15th October, and thanks to Hurricane Ophelia the day was blessed with mild and occasionally sunny weather. The consequence was a fair with the second highest number of vendors – 57 – this year, in addition to the Rotary stall, refreshment van and ice cream seller.
The blue sky in the first hour of the fair and the unseasonal warm weather as well as the goods on sale attracted a great number of customers, and the stall holders carried out a brisk trade.
As is usual for the last fair of the year, there were various Christmas themed gifts available, several stalls selling Christmas cards as well as the odd Christmas tree.
The strong breeze on the periphery of the approaching Hurricane Ophelia caused problems to a few stallholders.
The banner advertising the raffle at Rotary’s stall selling tickets for the Grand Charity Raffle was constantly however having to be re-erected. Some impromptu methods of stabilisation were employed including use of a pair of DIY car wheel ramps. Nevertheless, a significant number of members of the public took this last opportunity to buy tickets before the draw on 17th October.
As a result, including Rotary stall sales, vendor donations and generous public contributions in our donation buckets, we had total net income (after expenses) of over £600 (our second highest of the year).
The result of this fair, in conjunction with the other six fairs in 2017, was that a sum of just under £3,900 was raised, which will be put to good use for worthy causes; a figure that was only just short of the best year of 2015 when more than £4,100 was raised, but which is significantly higher than that for any other year.
Seaford Rotary Club would like to thank the stall holders and members of the public for your continuing support to help make these fairs a success.
The first Boot, Craft and Produce Fair of 2018 will take place at West Martello Field on 15th April 2018. Rotary Club of Seaford looks forward to seeing you there.

posted: Sunday, 15 October 2017

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