Rouen Vouvray Twinning Visit

THE work of the twinning group, which started in November 2015, was finally rewarded when the Rouen-Vouvray club began communicating with us and eventually decided to come for a preliminary visit. The initial contact came because Michael Allen’s friend, from his previous Rotary club, helped us to communicate our wish to twin to the several Rouen clubs. Such is the value of friendship and the Rotary family!
The first exploratory visit at our invitation was on Saturday June 3rd when 4 members of the Rouen-Rouvray club with their partners arrived at 15.30 on the Dieppe-Newhaven ferry. Four members of our club met and welcomed them, and chauffeured them to the to the Premier Inn (about 2 minutes from the ferry terminal!).
After time to relax and recuperate, our visitors were collected at 18.30 by Arif Essaji, John Owen, Steven Willox, Alan Wagstaff and conveyed to Diella’s restaurant where other Rotarians were there to greet them.
After introductions, Immediate Past President Peter Fenwick greeted our visitors in their own language and hoped that they had an enjoyable evening and visit to Seaford.
The meal and ambience were excellent and the evening was enjoyed by all.
On Sunday, after checking out, our French visitors were taken for a splendid buffet breakfast at Seaford Golf Club. Presents were exchanged and both clubs exchanged banners and good wishes.
For the rest of the day, our Gallic guests were split into four group and taken on separate tours of the countryside around Seaford at the discretion of the Rotary drivers and their partners although each group went to see the coastguard cottages!
The tours all finished at the ferry terminal at 16.30 in plenty of time for farewells and embarkation for the 17.30 ferry to Dieppe.
The weather was glorious weather on the Saturday and Sunday but was followed on the Monday by conditions so bad that the ferry sailings were cancelled, so the timing of the visit was very fortunate!
The weekend was a huge success and Seaford Rotary Club has received an invitation for a return visit this (calendar) year.

posted: Saturday, 3 June 2017

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