Caravan cleaning for Children with Cancer Fund

CHILDREN with Cancer Fund (Polegate) was formed in 1998 to enable the children, and families of the children with cancer, to have a quality of life that we would hope to have ourselves. Most of the time it means giving them treats or buying them something they have missed out on, since their money has been spent fighting the illness or burning up petrol going to and from the hospital for treatment.
One of these treats is the use of one of the two caravans that CWCF have at Haven Brow Caravan Park, St Leonards.
The Rotary Club of Seaford has supported CWCF over the years, both in providing them with donations from time to time, but also by cleaning one of their caravans ready for the summer season (the other one being cleaned by Seaford Martello Rotary Club).
For one reason or another this cleaning activity has lapsed in the last couple of years, and so we were pleased to have the opportunity to pick this up again this year.
So, on Monday 22nd May a team of Past Presidents Tony Lees, Geoff Lowles, Frank Thompson and Paul Vaesen drove down to Haven Brow armed with buckets, sponges, mops and cloths to set about the task of cleaning the outside of their Normandy Court caravan.
A few hours later the caravan looked gleaming and as good as new, and we departed having felt that we’d done a worthwhile job, stopping off at the Lamb at Hooe for some refreshments and good fellowship on the way home.

posted: Monday, 22 May 2017

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