Pevensey Walk

ON a grey but nevertheless dry morning, 19 Rotarians and wives and two canine walkers, Teddy and Mollie, set off to explore the Pevensey Levels.
Normally the group has been joined by a third four-legged friend, but today the group remembered and dedicated the walk to Bruno, who sadly was looking down on the group from the great kennel in the sky.
The route took the group out of Pevensey and across the busy A27 and along the side of the large land drain Pevensey Haven. A footbridge over the watercourse was traversed and the group headed towards Chilley Farm.
It was from this point however that yours truly discovered just after photographing some geese and goslings, that my camera lens cap was missing.
Assuming that I had dropped it near to where I had photographed the goose family, I retraced my steps but there was no sign of the missing item of equipment. I concluded that it must have fallen off the camera earlier in the walk, and was thus lost, and so I set off to re-join the rest of the party.
In the interim the group had continued the walk and unbeknown to me had turned left after the farm along Rickney Lane and then left through a gate and alongside a drain tributary of the Callow Stream.
Existing the farm at Rickney Lane, I had a choice, left or right. I chose left and followed the lane past the gate. I passed another group of walkers going in the opposite direction and continued round a bend in the road, but there was no sight of the Rotarian group. Had they turned right, or had they crossed the road and turned into another field to continue heading in the same direction as that through the farm?
At the third attempt, one of the group answered my mobile call. Unfortunately, he had not been observing the direction that the group had took, and it took some while before a response to one of my many questions as to ‘Have you passed …..‘ resulted in a ‘Yes’ and it became clear as to the path taken by the group.
The group were about half a mile ahead, although there were two stragglers, Mike Hemmings who had answered my telephone call and President Bill Pierce. They too had become separated from the main party of the group, and by the time I had caught up with them, the three of us again reached Rickney Lane, and a left or right option reappeared.
Again, a mobile call, but this time promptly answered by one of the wives, followed by a female voice from the direction of the lane on the left shouting ‘Where are you?’ indicated strongly that a left turn was the correct option. Shortly after the last three Rotarians joined the remainder of the group who had just finished their comfort break.
The reassembled party resumed the walk and turned off Rickney Lane to follow a path through fields alongside Pevensey Haven. The group strung out and eventually reached the footbridge crossed earlier to complete the circular route. The group continued and crossed the A27 again and returned to Pevensey for some liquid refreshment and food.
I bought up the rear entering the hostelry, and as I came through the door, I was handed my lens cap!
I must have looked amazed and was told that it had been found by a member of a walking group also eating at the same pub. The group was the one that I passed earlier on Rickney Lane.
Thanking the finder, I asked where it had been found and was told it was lying on the path in the field near Chilley Farm. He had seen me with my camera, thought that the lens cap might be mine and as our Rotarian group had also passed his rambling group, assumed that we would ultimately make our way to the same pub as his group for some sustenance at lunch time.
I thankfully attached the errant cap firmly to the camera lens and ordered food and drinks.

posted: Tuesday, 9 May 2017

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