Arlington Bluebell Walk and Farm Trail

This year, 2017, is the 45th anniversary of the opening of the Arlington Bluebell Walk, and the fifth year that Seaford Rotary Club has manned the Walk and provided refreshments for visitors.
The weather this year was dry, although not particularly warm due to an easterly wind. The morning of the first day was cloudy but the wind cleared the clouds and the sunny periods attracted increased numbers in the afternoon. The second day was also cloudy with the continuing easterly wind bringing occasional dark clouds threatening rain although none materialised. Consequently, there were less visitors on the second day.
Nevertheless, strolling through the woods this year was a very enjoyable and peaceful experience.
The farmer John McCutchan commented that the display of bluebells this year was wonderful and that there was a strong scent from the thousands of bright blue flowers.
We appear to have been lucky that the bluebells were still available to be visited, as John McCutchan had feared that the early April warm weather might shorten the flowering period. He said that if the unseasonably warm weather had continued, signs would have had to be erected closing the Bluebell Walk for the last two publicised opening weeks, which would have included our two days in early May. Thankfully the spring weather returned to normal in the latter part of April and Arlington Bluebell Walk remained open in early May for our stint of welcoming visitors and providing them with refreshments.
The display of flowers seen during our two days in early May was a significant improvement on the display of flowers last year when an early April slot coupled with a cold spring resulted in many of the bluebells not being in bloom.
Homemade refreshments were available throughout both days starting with morning coffee followed by lunches and afternoon tea. On both days, the jacket potatoes were the first to be sold out closely followed by the soup, perhaps a consequence of the easterly wind.
Our Rotary wives had baked a wonderful selection of large cakes, scones, flapjacks etc. which rapidly diminished as each day progressed. Our thanks go to them for their sterling efforts. In total, we sold approximately 30 large cakes over the two days.
A team of hard working Rotarians, partners and other volunteers manned the servery, cleared tables and washed up to enable the smooth running of the kitchen to continue throughout both days. There was a constant flow not only of water but also crockery, tea pots, milk jugs and utensils through the new dishwasher.
Other Rotarians greeted visitors, manned the gatehouse, and undertook other general duties such as sweeping and mopping the floor each day, cleaning the toilets and collecting rubbish for disposal.
Despite, the easterly wind, our visitors totalled approximately 400 for the two days, and thus the sale of refreshments to them has raised a significant sum which will be distributed by Rotary Club of Seaford to local charities and other worthy causes.
For more information about Arlington Bluebell Walk & Farm Trail visit their website at

posted: Saturday, 6 May 2017

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