Christmas Dinner

A member of Seaford Rotary Club became aware that two ladies who had no local relatives would otherwise be spending Christmas Day on their own.
After enquiring at several residential nursing homes, Seaford Rotary Club were pleased to be able facilitate the two ladies spending Christmas Day at Burdyke Lodge. A Rotarian collected them from their homes late in the morning of Christmas Day and took them to Burdyke Lodge for Christmas Dinner, and where one of the ladies happily discovered that one resident was a friend who she was unaware had moved there. Both ladies were returned home by the same Rotarian in the late afternoon. Burdyke Lodge catered for the dietary requirements of one of the ladies and also accepted her pet for the day.
Rotary would like to thank Kelly & Liz of Burdyke Lodge for their help and understanding in accommodating this request. Both ladies, who thoroughly enjoyed their day at Burdyke Lodge, received a gift from Father Christmas to take home.
Seaford Rotary Club used to be able to provide Christmas Dinner to lonely Seaford residents such as these two ladies on Christmas Day. Details of suitable elderly residents used to be provided by their doctors, district nurses and other medical practitioners but the implementation of the Data Protection Act prevented such information being passed to Seaford Rotary Club, and this charitable event ended.
Seaford Rotary Club propose to investigate how this tradition may be re-instated.

posted: Sunday, 25 December 2016

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