September Boot, Craft and Produce Fair

THERE are strange forces at work that appear to be troubling the Rotary Boot, Craft & Produce fairs this year. In the two weeks preceding the September fair, the weather was sunny and warm. Yet when the weekend arrived, this weather deserted Seaford and rain and strong winds blew in.
There was also a significant amount of chatter on social media regarding travellers who had arrived a few days earlier and were encamped on Marine parade adjacent to the Martello Fields with questions being asked as to whether the planned September Fair would be taking place or not as the travellers were apparently causing a nuisance in the vicinity.
The rain however cleared overnight and the Sunday morning was cloudy and dry although windy which is not unusual for Seaford.
The Martello field was not filled with rubbish as reports on social media inferred (perhaps it had been blown away by the strong winds) although some rubbish from the itinerant visitors was visible on the embankment to Marine Parade.
The September Fair thus took place with some regular stall holders and others hoping to sell their wares. Although the number of stall holders was slightly less than at the August fair, the fair was a success raising a significant sum towards funds for use in supporting local charities.
The Rotary stall was particularly full of items for sale at the start of the morning, with some large items such as an electric lawn mower, an electric drill table stand, a garden watering system and floor steam cleaner available.
Although goods on offer on other stalls included items typically found at a Boot, Craft & Produce Fair such as clothes, toys, books and DVDs there seemed to be a larger than usual number of stalls selling collectables. Some of the more unusual and large items for sale included a boxing punch bag and a chimnea barbeque albeit slightly rusty.

posted: Sunday, 4 September 2016

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